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Atmospheric, beautifully-written, and compelling, this book scared me to the core.

J. Carson Black

Follow Roman and Eliza as they battle unspeakable horrors while fighting to save their lives and the lives of the ones they love. This hauntingly fabulous box set brings the Hunted trilogy together. There is only one question left to ask… Are you brave enough to read it?

Book One – The Sacrifice

When Daddy’s Little Girl Becomes Daddy’s Little Sacrifice

When Cornish nurse Eliza Hamilton is mugged on her way home from work late one evening, the mysterious Roman Holbrook appears out of the darkness and fights off her strange attacker. He quickly disappears into the night before the police arrive, leaving a semi-conscious Eliza questioning if he was, in fact, a figment of her imagination.

That is until he shows up on her doorstep one rainy night – and all hell breaks loose again.

But is this man her hero or does he have a more sinister motive for wanting her kept alive?

Book Two – Resurrection

Every Good Deed Must Be Punished

Having brought Eliza back from the dead, Roman’s unsanctioned resurrection has revealed his whereabouts to the same people he has spent a lifetime hiding from – and now he needs to get as far away from the Hamilton mansion as he can. Alone.

The hourglass has turned and time is slipping away, but Roman can sense that things around him are not how they should be. Now he has a decision to make. Does he take off before his hunters arrive – keeping Eliza from harm but leaving her to deal with the aftermath of the night before? Or does he take her with him and pull her into further danger that could ultimately cost her her life?

Book Three – The Undoing

Death Comes To Us All

Roman’s past finally catches up with him, and he has no choice but to battle his demons and put all his faith in Eliza to save him from an eternity of torture and humiliation.

But, the clock is ticking for Eliza, and when she realises she has to revisit her own past to find the answers she needs, a game of cat and mouse commences that takes her to places darker than she could ever imagine.